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Welcome to Lemooway. By accessing Lemooway, you agree to the following terms. Lemooway is owned by the company … These Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Lemooway. These conditions apply from April 1, 2019 for all users of the site. You accept these terms of use by clicking on « create an account », when registering on Lemooway or by using the Lemooway site and its services.

Using Lemooway
As a condition of using Lemooway, you agree to abide by our rules for posting advertisements, namely: Do not post abusive, obscene advertisements, do not post misleading images that do not relate to the product sold; violate any third party rights, send spam or distribute viruses or other technologies that may harm Lemooway or the interests and property of Lemooway users; copy, modify or share the content and data of other people without their consent; use any automated means to access Lemooway or to collect content from it for any purpose; collect information about users, including their email addresses without their consent; sell counterfeit products or violate the copyright of trademarks or other rights of third parties. You are solely responsible for all the information you submit to Lemooway and for all the consequences that may result from it. We reserve the right to refuse or remove content that we deem inappropriate or contrary to the rules established here.

When you abuse Lemooway
Lemooway and its community together ensure the proper functioning of the site and its services. If you encounter any problem on our site, such as violating the rules set by Lemooway, please report it. We may issue warnings, remove certain content, take legal action or employ other measures to counter users who may cause trouble for users or the Lemooway platform. However, if we decide to take any of these steps, remove certain hosted content, or keep a user away from Lemooway, we have no obligation to monitor any information transmitted or stored on our sites, services, applications and tools and we do not ‘accept no responsibility for unauthorized or illegal content on Lemooway or use of Lemooway by users.

Your relationship with Lemooway
Lemooway can display your ad on other sites, or social platform of the Lemooway community (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, …). By using Lemooway, you agree that your ads may be displayed on these other sites or platforms. The terms of this site may be subject to other laws in the countries where your ad is displayed. When choosing to post your ad on our site, make sure that it does not violate any of the above rules. Your ad may be removed if it violates a Lemooway policy.

You agree not to copy, distribute or modify any content from Lemooway without our written consent. Also, you agree not to reproduce or use for various purposes any content outside of your own.

You must not post any content that violates the rights of a third party. This includes, for example, those infringing intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, etc.). Copyright owners can report any advertisement that might infringe on their rights. If a legal representative calls us, the advertisements concerned will be removed from Lemooway. If you are the victim of abuse, please let us know, by completing the abuse submission form, or send a message to [email protected] This will allow us to identify suspicious publications and eliminate them, and make the necessary arrangements.

Limits and Responsibilities
We are making efforts to secure our Lemooway platform, but we cannot guarantee you continuous and secure access to our services, because its proper functioning can be affected by many factors that are beyond our control (temporary technical problems, host fault , malware, bug,…). If your computer equipment is damaged due to Lemooway’s services, we will not be held responsible in any way. Also can not be held responsible for any financial loss or reputation, or any damage related to the use of our platform. Lemooway cannot be held responsible for the content of advertisements published by users of its platform. You take full responsibility for everything you advertise.