How much does it cost to use the platform?
Lemooway.com platform is made to serve professionals / individuals who manage real estate and customers who buy it. Its use is open to everyone without distinction and free of charge.
I am a real estate agent or an owner how to create my account?
Creating an account is easy!
At the very top of the screen in the upper right corner, there are Login / Register button.

Click on the Register button, and select Register.

1. You can register using your FaceBook or Google account.
2. Standard registration:Enter your email, first name and last name (name are not mandatory but recommend)
Select your "User role":"Agent" if you are real estate agent or architect (agent contact & photo or logo will be display on the home page), Owner or Buyer.And clik on "Register". You will received a message like "You have successfully registed..."; then you will received an email with your password.
How do I Login and access my personal space?

At the very top of the screen in the upper right corner, there are Login / Register button.

Click on the Login button.



You can login using your Facebook or Google account, or enter your email adress and password (first login: use password send to you during registration).

When you’re signed in, the upper right corner of the screen that usually displays « Login/Register » now displays your name. Click on your name and select « My Profile » to display your personal Dashboard.

How do I change my profile information?

Once logged in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Select « My Profile » option.


  1. show your profile
  2. your first name & your last name (you entered during registration)
  3. you can upload you campany logo or personnal photo
  4. add information about you or your business (your slogan), what you sell for example.
  5. Important: your company name or agent title (real estate agent or architect)
  6. your phone number
  7. your WhatsApp number
  8. all your social network links (FB, Instagram, linkedin,etc…)
  9. if you want to change your password, enter your new password twice in the Change password section. Otherwise leave blank to keep your old password.
  10. list you properties
  11. submit new property
How to register a new property?

Once logged in, click on « Submit Ad » at the top upper right corner.


  1. your title must be unique to attract buyers. Exp: Secure apartment with parking …
  2. make choice between sale or rent
  3. rental period: daily, monthly, etc…
  4. proprety type: villa, apartment, studio, local, etc…
  5. price without space
  6. select town
  7. add district manually
  8. add video URL (youtube or …)
  9. upload picture (max 10), think about good picture quality
  10. the more you describe your property, the more buyers you have



  1. type 1 if you have one internal kitchen, if not leave blank
  2. same as kitchen
  3. same as kitchen
  4. add area
  5. select all that is necessary

Click on the « Preview » button, and you will see your ad and could modified it if necessary.

Finally click on « Publish », your ad will be published immediately on the site.

NB: you can return on your profile – my properties to edit or repost your ad.